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"Then I heard YOU, a voice I trust, doing an ad for Real Plumbers. So I called them and they sent someone right over. Their technician arrived exactly when they said he would, and diagnosed the problem as a bad condenser and a blown fuse on the outside heat pump. And the thermostat that wasn't working? It simply needed a new battery. Total bill INCLUDING labor - less than $200. Total diagnosis AND repair time - under an hour. So, thanks again Chris, and please pass on my "thank you" to Real Plumbers"

- - Local Customer |

"THIS to thank you for saving me over $5500 this summer. During the height of the heat wave, our central air conditioner died. As the temperature in the house rose to the mid-nineties, I called one of those big HVAC/Plumbing outfits. The person they sent told me I would have to replace the entire system - heat pump, furnace, thermostat control - to the tune of over $5700. Well, I didn't have that kind of money and was wondering what we were going to do."

- - Local Customer |

"I had been "collecting" small plumbing jobs - drips and small leaks for a while, and when I heard your spot for Real Plumbers, I knew I should try them. They are courteous, professional, and everything you said they were, from the gentleman who answered the telephone to the serviceman. The young man who came worked extra hard to fix the problem faucets in our 100-year-old house in Chevy Chase (the faucets are not that old!) and could not have been more efficient or more polite. I will never call another plumber.

- - Local Customer |

"I am extremely happy to report that Real Plumbers sent out one of their technicians (Jay) this afternoon. Within one hour, our Trane air condition system was up and running, which not only made us happy, but our three year old miniature Schnauzer was relieved as well. I will recommend Real Plumbers to all my friends and contacts who need AC or plumbing services!!!"

- - Local Customer |

"Let me tell you about my recent experience with REAL PLUMBERS. I noticed that we didn’t seem to have enough hot water for 2 showers. My husband, who is a do-it-yourselfer, noticed as well when his shower turned cold. He told me that one of the elements was likely burned out and he would replace it this weekend. I suggested calling REAL PLUMBERS rather than risk running out of hot water completely. He agreed. I called, and Kevin came out, did a diagnostic EVEN THOUGH I told him it was the element. And…..low and behold, it was the thermostat! He also checked the temperature of the hot water coming out of all of our faucets. We have had plumbers out before and NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THAT. My husband is grateful that he did not try and do a repair that would not have worked anyway. And…we had a nice hot shower this morning! Thank you REAL PLUMBERS !"

- - Local Customer |

"I have been having a problem with the hot water coming out of the cold water faucet since 2010. I have had several plumbers over the years come out and to diagnose the problem. The end results on each occasion was either they needed to tear into the walls to find the problem or I needed a Master Plumber. When Kevin came out it only took him 15 minutes to view the symptoms I was experiencing and fix the problem! And without tearing into the walls! I was just about to call the last plumber and pay thousands for tearing into the walls. When I was getting dressed for work listening to WTOP, I heard Chris Core say Real Plumbers was the best so I decided to give it a try. I was thinking, why not, what’s one more plumber! Wow! I can’t believe it! That was the best call I could have ever made! I also had a leak on the hose of my washing machine. Again, one of the plumbers took a look and said, "just tighten the hose" and he walked away. Kevin, not only found exactly where it was leaking, he also replaced both hoses! In addition, I had a leak in the master bathroom toilet. This toilet was also filling up with hot water and was melting the rubber stopper inside the toilet. I had one plumber tell me I would have to call the company to schedule time to get that fixed. He stated he was just out to look at why the hot water was coming out of the cold water faucet. I was flabbergasted! Kevin came for the same thing but took time to fix the other plumbing issues I was having, without having me call and schedule for it! Your guy is the best! Your company is awesome!"

- - Local Customer |

Three experienced submeter installers came by and had a look. One was off-hand quoting verbally "Between $6-8K." Another never got back to me and the third was amazingly enlightening. If any of you want to learn more call Robert at Real Plumbers 301 567-2001. I'd think your application may be way different than ours, and Robert can give an educated estimate.

- - George Chaconas |

Today in 90+ degree weather my AC condenser went out. I made a service request on Real Plumbers webpage and got a prompt call-back and they worked within my schedule to send a technician out. Arriving within the promised timeframe, the technician quickly diagnosed the trouble, made the repair, and now our home is cooling down again. To Dave and Richard thank you! Kudos for your customer service and reliable work. Real Plumbers has been our "go to" company for our plumbing and HVAC needs for many years. They are always prompt, courteous, professional and get the job done for a reasonable price.

- - J H. |

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