Drain Snaking in Washington, D.C.

drain snaking washington dcAs you probably know, "snaking" in the plumbing industry is the implementation of a drain snake in order to unclog a drain. What you may not know is how it is actually performed, or who to call on to get the job done. The latter questions has a simple answer – call on Real Plumbers for the finest in quality service work from chemical drain cleaning to drain snaking in Washington, D.C.

We have been the preferred local service provider for plumbing and drain services in Washington, D.C. since first starting the company back in 1987. We work with both residential and commercial clients, Our number one goal is to provide each of our customers with the workmanship and results they had hoped for.

We look for long term solutions and not just a quick temporary fix. The bottom line is that we want you to be beyond satisfied with the results that you get, so you will also make it a point to leave great customer feedback and refer us to people you know. There's no way to survive for three decades as a local Washington, D.C. plumber, without providing superior customer results.

Topnotch Local Experts for Drain Snaking in Washington, D.C.

Plumber's snakes come in variety of different styles; certain jobs call for certain types of tools. Some examples of drain snakes include:

  • Hand Auger or Hand Spinner – This is the type most commonly used for tub and sink drains and are not compatible for jobs that require a toilet snake.
  • Roto-Rooter – This is an electric auger and is intended for heavy duty jobs that call for cutting through tree roots that have grown through the sewer pipe.
  • Closet Auger or Toilet Auger – The unique hook shape of this device makes it the ideal one to use for toilets.

Of course, there is no reason to get too much into the technicalities of it all. The only thing that you need to know is that when you have a clogged drain, we can rectify the situation for you with professional drain snaking in Washington, D.C. No matter what type of clog and no matter where the clog is located, we can get the job done.

Getting the Professional Services You Need for Clogged Drains

The important thing that you need to know is not to attempt to break up a clog on your own, especially using harsh chemical “cleaning” agents. Those store-bought products promising to dissolve clogs is a short term fix, that can do more harm than good. These products have the ability to damage your pipes in the process of breaking up a clog.

Let the Washington, D.C. drain cleaning experts here at Real Plumbers handle your clog and general plumbing service needs. We look forward to helping you resolve any existing issues you have.

If you would like an estimate for drain snaking in Washington, D.C. or the surrounding areas, please call 301-567-2001 or complete our online request form.

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