3 Reasons You Need A Professional AC Tune Up This Summer

ac-maintenance-washington-dcNow that summer is finally here, you have likely been bombarded my mailers lately reminding you that it’s time to have your home’s air conditioning system serviced, and while in most cases these mailers tend to end up in your garbage can, the air conditioning tune up they are usually promoting can be a serious benefit to your home this coming summer. Making the investment in a professional air conditioning tune up for your home this summer can have a number of serious benefits for you and your family, and to help highlight just what a few of these benefits are, our team of skilled professionals have taken the time to put together this short list that we hope you will find informative.

Reduce The Chance Of Breakdown

During the hot summer months, your home’s AC is going to be under a lot of strain from the demands placed upon it, and if your system hasn’t been properly maintained in recent months, that strain could lead to a serious breakdown in the coming months that can spell disaster for you and your family. Unexpected air conditioning breakdowns are not only a hassle because of the money usually required to get your system back up and running, but it also means going without AC in the house until a professional can get out there and enact the repairs you need to get your system up and running again. Having your system professionally tuned up before it goes into heavy use this summer is a great way to help ensure there are no underlying issues that could lead to serious problems in the coming months.

Increase Efficiency

With your home’s air conditioning system seeing so much steady use during the summer months, you want to be sure that your system has what it needs to operate as efficiently as possible, otherwise you could find yourself facing the prospect of sky-high cooling bills. By investing in a professional tune up for your home’s AC now while the summer is still getting started, you can ensure that your system is properly cleaned out and has the maintenance it needs to efficiently help you and your family keep your home at the level of comfort you desire.

Maintain Your Warranty

Most air conditioning units come with an extended manufacturer’s warranty to help make sure you are covered in the event that something happens to your system, but did you know that most of those warranties require you to have your system professionally maintained at least once per year in order to remain valid? Getting a professional AC tune up at the beginning of each summer is a great way to meet this maintenance required and ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid for those times when you really need it.

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