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White Chalky Residue On Your Dishes? Here’s What To Know About Your Plumbing & Dishwasher

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing white chalky residue all over the dishes after you just ran them through the dishwasher. Getting that chalky coating off the dishes isn’t easy either. You certainly won’t have any luck running them through the dishwasher again! While you may think the white coating on your dishes is soap, […]

What Should I Do in a Plumbing Emergency?

Being a homeowner means planning for the unexpected and hoping you never have to test those plans. Because September is National Preparedness Month, we thought it might be a good time to go over what you should do in case of a plumbing emergency.  General Need-to-Know Info: Locate water main shutoff valve Find inline shutoffs […]

Washington DC Plumbing Repairs – Major and Minor

Plumbing repairs are common household projects sometimes done by the homeowner himself if it was only a minor one such as replacement of a faucet gasket, or done by a professional company for a major job such as cleaning a clogged drain. Notice any leak under the kitchen sink lately? This certainly needs repair as […]


There is more to what a professional Washington DC plumber does than just plugging leaks. Every responsible homeowner should know that a house’s plumbing system is composed of interrelated and interconnected components that all have to be properly installed, run efficiently, and be maintained regularly. Unless the homeowner is himself a plumbing expert, all of these tasks are […]


People can survive in a house with adequate plumbing even if there is nothing else in it, but many activities people do at home require a constant supply of water.  These rituals include, but are not limited to, taking a shower, cleaning the house, and answering the call of nature.  Unfortunately, people often take these […]

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