What Bio-Clean Can Do To Improve Your Washington D.C. Area Home

bio clean drain cleaning washington dcA problem that tends to plague homeowners, here in Washington D.C. and across the country, is a clogged drain. Nothing is quite as aggravating, or potentially messy, as a slow or clogged drain. Yet each year, thousands of ill-informed consumers make the erroneous choice to take the DIY approach and pour harsh, store-bought chemical drain cleaning agents down their plumbing pipes.

While this may provide some relief, the effects are short lived. Not to mention, these chemicals can have dire consequences on your pipes and plumbing. This, is where the alternative cleaning approach, Bio-Clean, comes into the picture.

What is it and How Will it Help You?

While the average homeowner is not yet familiar with Bio-Clean in Washington, D.C., until an industry expert introduces them to it, here are a few things that you should know:

  • This is a special combination of enzymes and natural bacteria that are used to actually clean your drains, not just remove a clog. Bio-Clean actually eats the organic waste lining your pipes and plumbing system. This includes taking care of things like hair, grease, food and organic matter, soap scum and more. It literally digests it, removing it from your system.
  • Unlike harsh chemical-based cleaning agents, Bio-Clean will not damage or effect inorganic materials, such as plastic or PVC. It also does not heat up or produce fumes, the way that cleaning chemicals do.
  • It is also safe for people, plumbing and even the Eco-system. So you don’t have to be concerned about introducing it to your system.
  • One of the biggest differences between Bio-Clean and chemical-based liquid drain cleaners, is the way it cleans. Liquid cleaners quickly pass through the system, trace amounts of chemicals stay behind to try to eat through the blockages.
  • The effects happen quicker, but are not long lasting. With Bio-Clean, the cleaning action continues for days. It continues to eat away at the gunk stuck to the inside of your pipes, until it is all gone. So now that you know all the pros for using Bio-Clean you just have to know more about the Washington, D.C. plumber¬†you can trust to provide you with it.

Getting Expert Results

The Real Plumbers team is an authorized dealer of Bio-Clean. We choose to work with this because we believe in the product, as well as the superior results it produces. Let us show you what a difference it makes to finally have a clean plumbing system, again. Your pipes can be as good as new, if not better. Call today to get started.

If you’re looking for a professional Washington D.C. drain cleaning company that uses Bio-Clean, then please call us today at (301) 567-2001 or complete our online request form.