What Should I Do in a Plumbing Emergency?

What Should I Do in a Plumbing Emergency?

Being a homeowner means planning for the unexpected and hoping you never have to test those plans. Because September is National Preparedness Month, we thought it might be a good time to go over what you should do in case of a plumbing emergency. 

General Need-to-Know Info:

  • Locate water main shutoff valve
  • Find inline shutoffs for toilets, sinks, and any water-using appliances
  • Learn to shut off  your Water Heater
  • Inspect water hoses every 6 months for integrity
  • Periodically test shutoff valves
  • Test sump pumps and basement drains
  • Install flood alarms in areas prone to flooding, like your basement of HVAC equipment
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms

Not sure where to find your shutoff valves? REAL PLUMBERS can locate them for you and tag all valves for future reference. While we're at it, we can test your drains and sump pump and make recommendations about flood alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. 

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