Senior Fixtures – Transforming with an Aging in Place Bathroom Remodel in Washington, D.C.

senior fixtures bathroom remodeling washington dcIt’s nice to have so many options, these days, when it comes to converting your house into an aging in place home. Given the opportunity, most homeowners would prefer to spend their golden years in the place they already call home, as opposed to an assisted living facility. While the entire house must be modified in order to accommodate limited mobility, disabilities or to help reduce the likelihood of injuries, the bathroom is one of the most essential rooms to make changes to. Senior living home improvements often feature many different types of aging in place fixtures for bathroom remodeling in Washington, D.C.

Even without additional physical challenges or limitations, the bathroom can pose a risk of injuries, such as slipping and falling. So it is that much more important to secure it in a manner to make it safer for seniors or disabled family members.

Methods to Consider for Aging in Place in Washington, D.C.

Although there are plenty of options available for changing the bathroom in your Washington D.C. home to accommodate the elderly, some of the common senior fixtures available include:

  • Obviously, the toilet is a big concern. Make sure that it is installed at a height that makes it easier for someone to sit down and get back up. Of course, installing a grab bar to make it possible to move without worry of falling, is one of the key aspects.
  • For the bathtub, you have a few options. Some people prefer the sliding wall that rises up and down in order to get in and out without any obstructions. Another option is a low wall step over. Of course, secure grab bars are of the utmost importance here.
  • Showers should be equipped with seats and grab bars, however you may want to also consider a handheld shower head so you can use it while in a seated position.
  • Levers that can be manipulated with the wrist are perfect for arthritic hands. Turn water off and on, or adjust the temperature, with the tap of a wrist as opposed to the need to grab and turn.

There are, of course, plenty of other options available for bathroom remodeling in Washington, D.C. that takes senior living and aging in place in to consideration. These are just some basics to get you thinking. Make sure too that you have plenty of space to move around, especially if you need clearance for a walker or wheelchair.

Bring in the Experts

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