World Hope International: Progress in 2016

Real Plumbers is a proud corporate sponsor of World Hope International (WHI). We recycle all of the scrap metal from the equipment we replace for you then promptly donate 100% of that money to the organization.

World Hope International: Progress in 2016

Our donations go to a village in Sierra Leone to help provide them with clean water, healthcare, education, agricultural infrastructure, and many more wonderful programs that we will outline for you here so that you can see the good you put out into the world when you choose Real Plumbers for your installation needs.


WHI built 45 new greenhouses this year, including 3 greenhouses in Cambodia with a grant from U.S. department of state to trial innovations that help farmers cope with climate change. WHI has expanded their mushroom program into a second community in Cambodia. They have built 23 mushroom houses with 25 farmers tending to them. The average return on investment is 3 ½ months. This provides the community with a nutritional food source and the farmers gain independence. 1,400 farmers benefitted from 77 GRO greenhouses with drip irrigation. The farmers produced 120,487 kg of vegetables. The greenhouses expand the growing season by 6-12 months making it possible to produce up to 300% more vegetables than what can be done in an open field. 10 cattle clusters were introduced in Mozambique, including 104 new cows and 19 bulls. Over half of the cattle recipients were women. 339 calves within the clusters were vaccinated by WHI trained village vets. 4.7 acres of pineapples were planted. 5 new community gardens were created in Mozambique bringing the total to 11. Farmers in 10 villages cultivated over 50 acres of pineapple and produced over 40,000 pounds of fruit. 429 families participated in the garden project, meeting nutritional needs and cash income.

Water and sanitation

There were 134 wells drilled with 90,463 beneficiaries. That’s an average of 686 beneficiaries per well.

World Hope International: Progress in 2016

Anti-trafficking and gender based violence

52 survivors were given residential care at the WHI center in Sierra Leone. 72 survivors received psychosocial, physical, and social support. 50 survivors were reunited with their families. In Liberia 45 child survivors were reunited with their families and 24 were provided with assistance for school. 4,579 people in 43 communities were reached through WHI trafficking awareness campaigns. 802 phone calls on Liberia’s new national hotline sponsored by WHI lead to the rescue of 48 trafficked children. 19 members of the hotline task force, 31 media personnel, and 45 police, immigration, and other law enforcement officials were trained by WHI. 31 social service providers in Cambodia received training in counseling and case management skills. 53 female survivors of violence were helped through individual and group therapy. There were 50 outreach events and 2 media campaigns to raise awareness of sexual and gender based violence.

Child sponsorship

93% of all WHI sponsored children passed their school year and will be moving on to the next grade level. In Grade 6 100% of sponsored children in Sierra Leone passed the national primary state exam, exceeding the national passage rate of 75%. Additionally 94% of the sponsored boys and 100% of the sponsored girls passed the basic education certificate exam. Nationally the passage rate is 47%. There were 174 new sponsorships in 2016, totaling 1,261 active sponsorships benefitting 1,890 children. 3,782 child letters, updates, and photographs were collected from around the world. 100 churches raised over $20,000 to help 500 children continue their education in Sierra Leone, Haiti, and the Philippines.

World Hope International: Progress in 2016

Health and nutrition

76,000 children were screened for malnutrition and 3,000 cases of severe acute malnutrition were treated using ready to use therapeutic food. Over 750 pregnant women were transported in WHI ambulances. 580 children living with disabilities in Freetown, Sierra Leone, received physical therapy, occupational therapy, care and support services. Over 1,000 families were seen by family support workers. 210 local leaders were helped to understand the needs of children with disabilities and their families. 1,923 home visits were made by therapists. 207 children were provided with specialized equipment. 12 families were provided start up grants. 23 children received school sponsorship. 97 disability clinics were held where 404 new patients were admitted to the programs. 2,150 caregivers were trained from 42 chiefdoms with the goal of reducing neonatal mortality in hard to reach areas. 254 new mother support groups were formed bringing the total to 1,746 to help empower women to breastfeed. 750 community health workers completed a 10 day training session on maternal and neonatal health and malnutrition. The community health workers went on to care for 20,000 pregnant and lactating women and 87,000 children aged 0-5. WHI survivor advocates conducted 2,813 home visits to Ebola survivors to monitor well being and health needs. WHI delivered medicine and supplies to 38 health centers in Sierra Leone. One of the deliveries included two ultra sound machines donated by General Electric.

World Hope International: Progress in 2016

Emergency response

Hurricane relief in Haiti distributed water filters, hygiene kits, tarps, food packages, and cleaning kits to help feed and shelter families in 9 communities. After the earthquake in Ecuador, WHI distributed water filters and hygiene kits to the Manabi and Esmeraldas provinces.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina WHI provided seminars for teachers, professionals, and community groups. Knitting classes were provided for women to have an opportunity to practice conversational English. Language classes were also provided for children.

In Azerbaijan students including refugees participated in English lessons through classes and conversation clubs. 14 students were also taught IT skills.

In Sierra Leone WHI implemented the Early Childhood Development pilot project in 10 under resourced communities in Bombali District. 999 children have been registered in 17 ECD Centers.

Rural and Economic Development

Cambodian women in five villages received support for agriculture and water projects. 12 water wells were drilled. 7 mushroom houses were constructed for the Sisters project. Over five thousand small loans were granted.

In the Philippines 400 banana trees were planted. 16 families in the Agay village are caring for 12 cows, 6 calves, and 6 carabaos.

Sierra Leone received Livelihood Support for Ebola survivors. Including monthly cash payments, small grants for business start ups, training in financial literacy, savings and loans, and modern agriculture techniques. 110 goats were distributed to increase income and provide a source of nutrition. Farmers were trained in modern agriculture. 1,400 treated mosquito nets were distributed to 8 communities to combat Malaria. 14 latrines were built as part of Sierra Leone’s Village Partnership Program. 3 churches were built.

Real Plumbers is excited and grateful to play a small part in all of these programs. We couldn’t do it without your support and business. Thank you on behalf of Real Plumbers and World Hope International.

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