Are You in Hot Water? Signs Your Water Heater Is About To Expire

Signs Your Water Heater Is About To Expire

In general, Washington D.C. Homeowners are diligent about taking care of their homes. Yet it is still alarming just how many people fail to notice the red flags going up when it is time to get a new water heater. In fact, a majority percent claim they only found out once the hot water tank actually started leaking.

The reason it is important to try to be aware of the possibility of this happening is that it is a good idea to prevent having your tank rupture and spew hot dirty water all over the place. Aside from being messy, it can be dangerous, in addition to causing damage. Make yourself aware of potential signs that your water heater needs repairs or replacement and avoid finding out the hard way.

Symptoms to Be Watching For

It can be easy to miss out on obvious symptoms that you are in need of repairs or replacement of your water heater. However. If you know what to look for you can avoid this from becoming a problem.

Rust in the Water

If you have begun to notice the appearance of rust in the water, it is time to have your system looked at by a professional. Even if the water heater is still salvageable, you will want to have it repaired in order to avoid exposure to poor quality water.

Decrease in Hot Water Supply

If you have noticed that you have less hot water than you once did, it is time to replace your water heater. Common problems are usually noticed due to a limited supply when you attempt to take s shower. If you can no longer get through the length of your shower with enough hot water, call in a professional.


In most cases, once you have a leak, it is time to have it replaced. If you notice minor leaks, call in a professional immediately in order to try to salvage your system. However, when a water heater tank goes, it tends to dump water all over the basement floor in one last hurrah.

Know the age of your system

A common problem is that a new homeowner has no idea what the age is of the existing water heater. Not even year into owning the house, the tank gives out. Be aware of the age and take steps to getting it serviced or replaced, before disaster strikes.

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