State Water Heaters in Washington, D.C.

At Real Plumbers, we select carefully which manufacturers we would like to be associated with. The products that we carry say a lot about us as a company. So the brands we work with must also be about holding the same level of integrity. From plumbing fixtures to hot water heaters in Washington, D.C. our company only works with the best.

This is why one of the manufacturers that we partner with is State. Our final results can only be as good as the products involved, as well. Use quality materials and you are bound to reach a superior outcome.

State Water Heaters is a brand of State Industries, Inc. and a leading manufacturer of water heaters, for both residential and commercial applications. This company offers over 500 products from their water heater line. They are known for consistently developing new and innovative technologies, for products and to improve upon the performance and longevity of their existing products.

Factor Authorized Warranty Provider for State Water Heaters in Washington, D.C.

State's national database of clients includes contractors, wholesalers, direct homeowners and other members of the engineering community. Another reason that we feel confident working with them is that all State products are backed by customer technical support and durable tank and parts warranties. The bottom line is that you get customized water heating solutions from an industry leader.

While we are certainly proud of the 30 years we have been in the business, State Water Heaters can boast over 70 years in the industry. Since its inception, State has grown to become a leader in the water heating industry. Although the company started in 1946, in 1948, State produced its first electric water heater and in 1954, that line expanded to include gas-fired water heaters.

As a company of Washington, D.C. plumbers who take this line of work seriously, we can only partner with manufacturers who share this same level of passion and dedication to the field and the customers. We know that you will appreciate the quality products we offer from, the State Water Heater company. Don't just take our word for it, let us show you, in person, the options that you have and the customer ratings and praise these products receive.

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One of the reasons that Real Plumbers has become the top choice for water heater services, as well as other heating, cooling and plumbing related services, is that we care about our clients. This is obvious from the thought we put into deciding which brands we want to represent. We care as much about the quality of heater that goes into your home or business as much as you do, if not more.

If you would like an estimate for State water heaters in Washington, D.C. or the surrounding areas, please call 301-567-2001 or complete our online request form.

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